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Digital transformation

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

The disruptive force of digital technology can be tamed to work on your favor. Leverage new tools and perspectives to create value and competitive edge. Time to transform is right now.

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Master digital one step at a time

Transformation won’t lead itself. Late adopters blame legacy IT systems or lack of capabilities for not taking the first step.

How it works

Brainpulse helps companies and leaders identify the gaps between their current results and where they want to be, then close them. Whether you want to build a roadmap, restructure departments and processes, or simply integrate a technology platform, we’ll ensure you have the answers and outcomes you need.

  • Strategy

    where should you go with digital?

  • People

    what talents and skills will take you there?

  • Process

    how can the team work smartly and better?

  • Technology

    what channels, solutions, and data strategy will boost your results?

Transform everything, or just one thing

You will get dramatic results every time with our digital transformation processes. Select the exact elements you need right now with our modular approach.

  • Evaluate

    Map your current needs, capabilities, skills, processes, and technologies to identify gaps between where you are today and where you need to be

    • Digital Performance Audit

      Benchmark the KPIs for each channel throughout the entire digital customer journey

    • Strategy Evaluation

      Vital check to make sure your current strategy and activities can deliver your business goals

    • Data Mining

      Empower your vision on customer, product, and upcoming trends with insights unveiled by advanced statistical techniques

    • Customer Journeys

      Our marketing research and data mining techniques reveal how customers perceive and engage with your brand, as well as branding and products opportunities

    • Capability Audit

      Grasp what you can deliver with current resources, and what is needed to reach the next level of results

    • Skills Assessment

      Our meticulous approach will determine the skill of your people and leverage improvement opportunities

  • Plan

    Design game plans that focus on what will make a difference, then align your key stakeholders around the right goals, priorities and KPIs

    • Digital and Data Roadmaps

      Envision the whole picture, focus on what will make a difference, hone skills, and develop capabilities - set yourself up for sustainable success and remarkable results

    • Corporate Development

      From organizational structure to expansion plans, get the right people working on critical projects

    • CRM Strategy

      Data enrichment, architecture, and analytics for enhanced customer insights and database monetization

    • Content Strategy

      Deliver engaging content consistently with channel-specific frameworks and best-practice principles

    • Prototyping Workshops

      Taking you from problem to prototype in 48 hrs. Test to see if your ideas can become reality

  • Deliver

    You get top results now by transforming that winning strategy into flawless execution. Our hands-on experts demystify the jargon and make it happen for you

    • Growth Hacking

      Expand your user base, maximize conversion, and bring results to the next level with optimization covering all aspects from SEO, SEM and on-page fine-tuning to strategic partnerships

    • Omnichannel Integration

      Strengthen your brand, vision, and sales by bridging the gap between online and brick-and-mortar presences

    • Loyalty Programs

      Revamp or create a custom program that incentivizes higher frequency and basket sizes, boosts brand engagement and delights best customers

    • Technology Selection and Implementation

      Leverage the best tools to enhance deliveries and surpass your business goals

    • Operations Optimization

      implement the right processes to achieve consistent deliverables, enhance profitability, and prepare for exponential growth

    • Digital Platform Development

      boost your conversion with top performing, award-worthy websites, mobile apps, and email programs

    • Mentoring and Board-Level Guidance

      equip your senior team with the skills and hands-on advice to drive digital success

    • In-company Training

      Empower and inspire key staff to master and embrace new knowledge and practices that improve productivity and overall results

Get game-changing results

We have helped dozens of companies achieve highly successful digital transformations.

  • 100% neutrality

    Your business deserves true loyalty, so our practice is completely independent and our advice, solution-agnostic. Your best interest will always be our own

  • Seasoned expert coaches

    Your success is guaranteed with truly hands-on experts that master the strategic, technical, and coaching aspects required each step of the way

  • Digital DNA

    Enjoy dealing with tech-savvy strategists who live and breathe all things digital and put cutting-edge skill at your hands. We don't just 'get' digital transformation, we deliver it every day

You are in a great compagny

Digital DNA Enjoy dealing with tech-savvy strategists who live and breathe all things digital and put cutting-edge skill at your hands. We don't just 'get' digital transformation, we deliver it every day.

  • Ubisoft
  • Rudsak
  • NYT
  • Sundance
  • Mazda
  • Hilton
  • Le Site
  • California Academy of science
  • Staples
  • Reitmans
  • CEA
  • LoyaltyOne
  • HP
  • Yamaha
  • Sobeys
  • Itau
  • Diff
  • Vision 7
  • Thirdshelf

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